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February 15 2013 : An Asteroid Will Come (Pretty) Damn Near to Earth!

Cape Canaveral, Florida – Again, prepare yourself! Because, sometimes next week, there will be an asteroid passing by and this time, it will go past near to earth’s surface. As what NASA does report this week. Many scientist have agreed that the prediction of the imminent flyby of an asteroid will occur soon in this month.

But, noone must overly worry about this latest observation. Because, despite the size of asteroid itself that might be able to release an enormous explosion and wipe off a huge square of land – if  any ‘friction’ with earth’s surface happened -, many scientist have re-assured that there won’t be any ‘impactful’ effect on earth and so far, it would be grouped as a “harmless” encounter between asteroid and earth.

Still : Old photograph of the aftermath of tunguska blast in Siberia, Russian Empire ,1908. Widely known as "the atmospheric explosion" that have caused a large impact on earth

Still :  The aftermath of tunguska blast in Siberia, Russian Empire ,1908. Widely known as “the atmospheric explosion” that have largely impacted the earth


Many Scientist claim the upcoming barnstorm between an asteroid and earth will be the closest encounter with earth’s surface in history. It will pass through the orbital zone of communication satellites (which might cause a little intrusion in communication system on earth) And it if indeed impacted the earth, it could emit a massive power of explosion that is amounted with million megatons of TNT, as what already occured in Siberia back in 1908, when (estimately) tons of meteorites collided with each others in the atmosphere and rendered a forest in local area – in which the collision occurred few miles above ground – became destroyed and flattened.

The range between earth and asteroid that will pass by is approximately 17.100 miles and it was predicted to likely occur every 40 years. The ‘event’ will come to pass next friday afternoon (february 15 2013) over Indonesia and other countries, such as australia, asia and eastern europe can spot it through binocular or telescope although, due to it’s super-small size, will only appear as a small dot of light. Especially under naked eyes, it will be invisible.

The bulk of solar system for asteroid is estimated to be located in the orbits between jupiter and mars and remains stable for billion years, although occasionally it comes out and take on a route around the earth

still : a meteor was passing by and spotted on the midnight time in august 12 2012

still : a meteor was passing by and spotted during the midnight time in august 12 2012


Another recent study reports that the extinction of dinosaurs might have occurred much faster than what scientist had thought before. In contrast with the early research that claimed they died 300.000 years after the giant asteroid was striking the earth, apparently based on recent observation in high-precision radiometric dating techniques, the claim was incorrect. Because it shows that dinosaurs’s extinction might have occurred only within 33.000 years in the wake of the big asteroid’s wallop on earth’s surface

The estimation about dinosaurus’s extinction around 60 million years ago have been theorized and officially proposed in the early 80′ by scientist , in which it was linked with asteroid impact that tore down the entire existence.The location is estimated to be in what is now called mexico’s yucatan peninsula. The time between asteroid’s arrival with the demise of dinosaurs was thought to be at least 300.000 years (seen by the mark that was ‘carved’ 110 mile-wide crater near chicxulub in mexico.

But, basically, as far as they concern, “Noone has raised a red flag, nor will they. And i certainly don’t anticipate any problem whatsoever” said Donald Yeomans, Manager of NASA’s Nearth-Earth Object Program.

So, again, so far we still can have a sigh of relief!

(newssource : Associated Press (AP) / National Geographic )

Written by DHANA


Very well-put and one of the most “enlightening” proposition i’ve ever read! I totally agree with the whole idea. I voted the best blog 🙂



CinemaIt is a difficult thing to love a popular art form, especially film. It means that one must accept that there is an assumption of equality of opinion amongst the public in relation to the form in which you have chosen to invest yourself. That is to say, most people feel qualified to watch a film and give their opinion of its quality.

By saying this, I do not wish to imply that people do not have a right to their own opinion. There is no doubt that people should feel comfortable expressing their views, especially within a medium whose target audience is (at least within the mainstream) the broader public. But what I am saying is that there is an assumption in the modern age that the opinions of each individual must be considered objectively equal, and that cinema’s status as the most accessible and publicly digested form makes…

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Predicting the Future : “A Badly Thrown Football” will come near to the earth, according to scientist.

still : image of toutatis asteroid being taken last year by NASA's Goldstone Solar System Radar

still : image of toutatis asteroid being taken last year by NASA’s Goldstone Solar System Radar

Mankind may have “survived” from the prophecy of the end of days which supposedly had occured during new millenium’s celebration 13 years ago or from the Mayan Apocalypse last december in 2012, but the motion of our solar system neither actually cease to rotate or run out of any threat-producing activity that might always endanger our planet.

On december 2012, Scientist announced the latest update on the situation in outer space : NASA’s Deep Space Network have again captured a new image of asteroid toutais, which is constantly rotating, wobbling and on it’s way to be near around our solar system and approach our planet. For a little info, asteroid toutatis was sighted for the first time on February 10 1934, known as an object 1934 CT before it was lost for nearly few decades. Toutatis was spotted again on February 4 1989 by astronomer.

It was widely feared by most scientists and astronomers, due to it’s powerfull and impactfull destructive effect that would render mankind and the earth to endure an incredibly massive catastrophe, from climate change to even increasing the probability of extinction, if it ever slammed the earth.

still : artist's illustration of an asteroid striking the earth

still : artist’s illustration of an asteroid striking the earth


In the new radar images, asteroid appears to be approximately in the 3-mile-wide (5 kilometers) and revealed to be an elongated, irregularly shaped object with multiple ridges, researchers said. Strange bright glints may indicate surface boulders too.

The scientist said, while the asteroid don’t indicate to be able posing any further danger and serious threat toward the earth (at least not today) in no within more than three centuries later, but if it ever smashed the earth, asteroid will immediately crush everything that lived and grew inside of the earth.

Especially in the latest video record shows a giant asteroid 4179 Toutatis exhibits some “unnatural” characteristic : it spin faster that it used to be and the movement also travels much more faster than usual. The Minor Planet Center in Cambridge, Massachusets have listed Toutais, on the ground with final observation, as a potentially hazardous object . It means that anytime in the future this asteroid could pose a big risk of striking the earth’s surface.

Nevertheless, based on another observation with it’s recent flyby, researchers have reassured that the asteroid won’t pose any imminent danger or threat on earth. So, at least we can sigh of relief ..for today.


still : artist's illustration on the skeletal carcass of triceraptors after their extinction.

still : artist’s illustration on the skeletal carcass of triceraptors after their extinction.

Another conjecture, based on further research, shows that asteroid Toutais might be the huge object that slammed the earth around 66 million years ago and exterminate the last era of dinosaurs.

No further explanation on the details for the process of what the dinosaurus possibly went through before their extinction. But, one thing for sure, there will be a major tribulation triggered by the big collision between earth and asteroid that would inflict all the living beings, aggravated by the coldest temperature which will eventually kill us off.

The time might be still way far ahead of us and the prediction is simply just a mild warning (not an alert for a big danger) but, it should make us become more vigilant and careful ..very careful!

(news source : / ScienceDaily /

Written by DHANA

The stand-off between Israelis – Hamas strike another detriment and claim another civilians

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL-PALESTINIAN TERRITORY – More and more blood spilled in the holyland, the epicentre of middle-eastern conflict, in which two forces never cease to fire each other and cost not just “peace agreement” but also casualties from both side. This is the world where two nemesis live “side by side” : Israelis – Hamas.

By nature, the whole stand-off and armed conflict are perpetuated by the blame game which both parties have always been playing, which frequently leads up to an increasing tension and dangerous situation. Foreign power’s intervention are only escalating violence instead of cutting it. In the end, the civilians who must pay the price.

still : aerial photo on gaza city being hit by IDF's airstrike

still : gaza city being hit by IDF’s airstrike under operation pillar of defense in november 2012

Operation Pillar of Defense

The last military campaign, which had been launched by Israel Defense Force (IDF) lasted from november 14 – 21 2012 prior to the election recently being held in israel, has marked another ‘boiling-point’ in the continuous bloody battle between IDF-Hamas. The Operation Pillar of Defense (or Operation Pillar of Cloud in israeli media) was claimed by IDF officials and Israeli governments as a successful operation : having knocked down many Hamas’s sites, which are used by Hamas militants to “treasure” artillery and launched rockets into southern israel, the most scathed territory, and also most importantly killed Ahmed Jabari the second commander of Hamas’s military wing in Gaza.

The military operation, just like other campaigns had been launched by IDF, have always polarized international community. Western countries (Germany, Canada,USA,etc) as Israel’s allies support Israel’s right to defend their country and conversely, Arab League resent and condemn Israel’s military tactics on account of massive number for destruction on public infrastructure and  views it as war crime against humanity, yet an extension for long-standing occupation and current blockade in Gaza Strip.

still : aerial photo of Israel's airstrike in Gaza last november.

still : photo of Israel’s airstrike in Gaza last november.

Hamas fires away everyday to Southern Israel

One of the main reason behind Israel’s series of military campaign, which have been launched periodically, is caused by Hamas’s provocation who keeps firing their rockets into southern israel everyday! The missiles launched by Hamas, clearly targets israeli civilians and evidently intended to stir up a further provocation. Beside the loss of many lives and material damages, it oftentimes can effectively incite Israelis to respond.

Since the start of operation, estimately there had been around 1500 rockets fired  by Hamas to southern israel before the operation was halted in november 21 last year. The number raised as the tension was increased. Hamas, in their defense, stated that  blocked of the Gaza Strip and Israeli occupation in West Bank as the main cause for their rocket attacks.

still : bus bombing in tel aviv in the last day for operation pillar of defense.

still : bus bombing in tel aviv in the last day for operation pillar of defense.

Israeli Legislative Election 2013

On january 22 2013, election for Knesset was held. The vote result shows that Likud Party is taking majority of the seats and it’s chairman, who is also current israel’s prime minister, Benyamin Netanyahu, have won re-election.

But according to israeli senior politician, isrealis expect newly elected administration, widely known as a right-wing leader who is aligned with hard-liners in the parliament and marked with hawkish foreign policy, to shift their policy by addressing more on “bread-and-butter” issues, such as housing, price and taxes which are what israelis have worried about mostly, rather than Iran’s nuclear program or ongoing conflict with Palestinians.

Israelis voters has “forced” Netanyahu to seek centrist as a new ally and form a new coalition to carry out israelis expectancy. The lost of 11 seats , which Likud had won in 2009, has indicated that many israelis are not satisfied with government’s policy and more worry about their daily life rather than building new settlements.

still : victim from Hamas's rocket attack on Israel

still : victim from Hamas’s rocket attack on Israel

Palestinians, on the other hand, although still expressed “no hope for a better future” but some of them always have a real concern and grow a real expectancy over a “peaceful prospect” through another negotiations, talks and agreement. The problem now lies in Israeli leaders and their government who still unwilling to recognise their military expansion and the status of massive deployment in palestinian land as an occupation. Hamas and other islamic extremist constantly excuse their brutal tactics and vile terror toward both israeli and palestinian civilians, as merely a respond for Israeli military provocation.

Now the whole world is watching over the progress (yet the regress)that comes from the so-called “holyland” (we may re-dub it as a ‘bloody land’ since i think that is what religion all about) and it’s endless conflict. Because, no other nation can save both israelis and palestinians, who suffer at the hands of radical religious nutjobs, beside Israel with it’s policy and yet commitment  to implement “road map to peace” agreement, which have been proposed a couple times by pertinent parties.

(news sources : /

Written by DHANA

USA’s Gun-Control Debate : Conspiracy Nuts have turned up to butt in!

NEWTON,CONNECTICUT – Over a month after the shooting tragedy at an elementary school in the village of Sandy Hook in Newton, Connecticut, in which claimed the lives of 27 people and injured 2 persons, has begun to spark controversy. A bunch of people, who dubbed themselves as “Sandy Hook Truthers”, harassed Gene Rosen, a retired psychologist and a good samaritan,who attracted national attention due to his heroic action during the shooting rampage.

What is the cause? In the past a couple weeks, a conspiracy theory have started to spring up in many internet social media. The theory claims that the whole incident was masterfully staged by the most possibly suspected masterminds : the media and the government, particularly Obama administration, who secretly cooperate to orchestrate the shooting. According to them, the whole incident is the government’s attempt to contort and finally alter the public’s opinion, with the aim of carrying out agenda on tightening the law for gun control (or according to NRA’s most oft-repeated phrase : Obama’s plan to attack second amendment)

still : mourners look at the names of shooting victims on the U.S flag at sidewalk memorial

still : mourners look at the names of shooting victims on the U.S flag at sidewalk memorial in newton, connecticut


Gene Rosen, the man whose action were highly praised by media, government and americans due to his braveness by harboring six terrified people when the spree killing took place, have been harassed in the past couple weeks by Sandy Hook “truthers”, a group of conspiracy theories who ‘peddle’ around a fringe theory about an alleged conspiracy plot, involving media and the government, behind Sandy Hook shooting incident.

This far, the “truthers” have posted Rosen’s personal information online, created fake social media accounts using his name and disturbed him via e-mail and phone.

“There must be some way to morally shame these people”, Gene said. Later he told that there were 20 dead children lying all night long accross his house and he sat there with his wife, because noone could take the bodies out that night (from medical examiner)

Now, many websites questioning whether the incident was true or hoax, have arisen off this chaotic situation. is one of the most viewed website on this topic. Youtube linked-SandyHookHoax video shows Rosen speaking into a camera about his ordeal, which in the titles alleges that the crudely edited clips are an “audition” tape. The video has been accessed over 25.000 times.

In another clip, “the only thing consistent about this clown’s act, is all the fake crying,” as the video’s About section reads. The video claims that Rosen is a Screen Actors Guild thespian.

still : state polices and shooters at the scene of mass shooting at sandy hook elementary school last december

still : state polices and shooters at the scene of mass shooting at sandy hook elementary school last december


Plenty of analyst try to define what actually motivated the birth of this movement. They all come to few suppositions :

1. The worst effect of  a tragic incident which has a enormous social impact that renders a political watershed and leads up to a national stand-off between two conflicting sides with each contrasting opinion.

2.  Inside the mind of conspiracy theorist are even more disturbing and “menacing” than the alleged conspiracy they’ve accused of. What keep running through their head is : to incline believing complex mysteries over simple truth and find a mystery where none of them exist. Crap much?

For example, the “holes” in the official story that they’ve often searched for, could mainly be just a result of our sense that goes through thought-process and leads to the situation of “eye of the beholder” or condition which is observed by certain perspective and always give different outcome, depending on the individual’s judgement.

Analyst conclude that the theories may be a way to deflect blame from guns to imaginary culprits.

Well, no matter what is the truth or the falsehood behind it, noone should take any accusation(especially if it based on a certain individual’s perspective) for granted. We only see what our eyes want to see!

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Written by DHANA

Potential Therapy to cure AIDS is found

QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA -A big breakthrough recently occurred in Queensland Institute of Medical Research, Australia, as the scientist give out announcement about their discovery in the development of  effective remedy for patients with AIDS/ HIV virus.

The medical research, led by associate professor Dr. David Harrich, have discovered a new therapy to potentially cure AIDS. They have successfully expanded their scope of research by developing a form of gene therapy which can skewed HIV virus to “turn on” it’s own body, killed the virus and eventually halted it’s self-replicating ability.

This is indeed a very good news for everybody, especially those people who are living with AIDS. As of today, cure or vaccine for AIDS is not yet found. There is only a medical treatment with anti-retroviral, which can slow down the process for developing the course of disease which by any means, can extend expectancy for having normal life. But, unfortunately, this treatment is very costly and may have a heavy side-effect.

So, the discovery is a clearly a step forward.

still : the photo of HIV virus under microscope

still : the photo of HIV virus under microscope

“Fighting Fire with Fire”

Furthermore, Professor David Harrich said “i consider that this is fighting fire with fire”.

Because, the procedure is to modify normal HIV protein by takes it off  HIV virus (which it needs to grow and spread out), then later transform it, so therefore instead of ‘escort’ the development, it puts an end to the replication of the HIV virus.

But, Professor David Harrich asserted, “that is not a cure for HIV”. Through this therapy, “the virus would stay latent, it wouldn’t wake up so it wouldn’t develop into AIDS. With a treatment like this, you (anyone) would maintain a healthy immune system”.

At least through this research, a further, viable observation can be done. And later in the future hopefully it can stem more progress, in order to develop much more intensive outcome that not just can shut down the growth of HIV virus into AIDS but importantly, it should be able to suspend and finally heal AIDS-infected patients.

Anyhow, so far, these medical advances could certainly present a condition that gives a way “(for HIV-positive people) to go on and lives happy and productive lives with a little intrusion as possible”

still : scanning image of AIDS virus attacking human cell

still : scanning image of AIDS virus attacking human cell

Stem Cell-Research Have Revolutionized The Progress for AIDS research 

Moreover, Professor David Harrich also explains more details on what is the purpose of ‘inventing’ this gene therapy, “my belief is that protecting immune cells from succumbing to the infection will result in a much better, functional immune system to combat opportunistic infections. That is the goal and what we need to test.”.

Briefly, the process for gene therapy involves adding a designed HIV agent to the “culture” of stem cell that renders it into AIDS resistant. The cell ,which have been mutated, is gonna be inserted back to our body. The newly designed cell is already armed with an ability to impede HIV’s virus from altering the structure of RNA’s patient.

In addition, He also claimed that stem-cell research have contributed and impacted significantly the study of virology. If stem-cell research have never been done in the first place, this progress would definitely have not been made by scientist today and even would severely restrain competence for scientist to effectively combat many type of diseases, including HIV. It is mainly caused by stem-cell’s ability to restore human immune system.

One of The Deadlist Epidemic Worldwide In History

AIDS pandemic have killed nearly 30 millions since the first time it was discovered in early 80’s. And as of 2010,  34 million people have contracted by HIV virus globally. Recent report from National Centre in HIV Social Research shows the increasing number of people  who are infected with AIDS up to 8% in 2011 and estimated around 30.000 people  have been diagnosed with HIV in Australia.

So, although it is indeed a good news, we all still should be watchful and careful!

(news source : huffingtonpost / /

Written by DHANA

Conflict in The Korean Peninsula : some leftover sentiment from psyche-war in 20th century

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – Pyongyang threatened US (again) with their nuclear weapon as they plan to launch third nuclear test , which is believed to be able reaching US soil, in the near future.

After last rocket launch in december 2012, North Korean officials lauded it as a very successful test and ever since had started up to plan for third nuclear test, despite many countries’s disagreement toward their program.


The provocation arised in the midst of tension between North Korea with US and it’s closest ally in Korean Pennisula, Seoul , which have been escalated by North Korean second nuclear test in 2009.

As a respond to last rocket test in december 2012, U.N Security Council has passed down a decision to back up US-initiated resolution to sanction and censure North Korea. The test of launching rocket was viewed as a heavy breach for U.N rules.

It was also indicated, that North Korean next plan to launch third nuclear test, is provoked by U.N resolution ,since the announcement to do so ,came right after the sanction being resolved by UN is started to impose on North Korean weapon profileration.

still : video of North Korea's rocket launch in december 2012

still : video of North Korea’s rocket launch in december 2012


The political crisis and matter has always divided international community. But in this case, both allies, such as China and “avowed” enemies, such as South Korea and Japan, have  expressed their agreement to support new UN resolution in order to refrain North Korean’s ability to conduct another provocation that would only plunge the whole world into another crisis.

The whole incident has also prompted another “six-party talks”, consisted of Russia, Japan, China, USA and two Koreas, to find a resolution regarding north korean crisis. China strongly urges all the parties involved to “…remain calm and act and speak in a cautious and prudent way and not take any steps which may further worsen the situation ” ministry spokesman Hong Lei told reporters at a regular press briefing.

But this time China’s support over North Korea has decreased, seen from latest event in which China singles out North Korea to resume another talk, since North Korean’s new announcement on planning to launch another test, have given major challenge to Beijing. Also to make thing worse, is North Korean constant rejection over any consensus to shut down it’s nuclear program have been decided by another parties during the talks.

still : north korean soldier stands to guard state-sponsored military nuclear site

still : north korean soldier stands to guard state-sponsored military nuclear site


Despite the reality of North Korean social situation, which is clobbered by many problems especially on extreme poverty – caused by isolation -, their military officials developed nuclear weapon for the first time in 1956. The national crisis, lasted from 1994 – 1998, following the bankruptcy of communist system in Russia as North Korean’s leading ally during cold war, have damaged the country and cost many lives but never ceased North Korean’s supreme leader to carry on their nuclear weapon-advancing programs.

Controversy over North Korea’s weapon proliferation got heated up in 2009, when North Korean officials announced that it’s military technology have successfully developed highly advanced nuclear weapons. Pyongyang launched second nuclear weapon the same year and incited a harsh reaction among many nations, especially US, North Korea’s old foe.The CIA also affirmed that North Korea have an access to a substantial arsenal of chemical weapon.

In the midst of debate over their nuclear programs and sanction on their economy (as a penalty to have conducted a breach on UN law), North Korean will continue to enrich the nuclear substance and matter as a preparation to launch the third test in the near future.

Well, at the end, the fate of this world – which have been inflicted by the antagonism  between two different sides- is not just decided and directed by a single nation but the composite of many policies that can either appease or worsen the heated situation

(News sources : Reuters / Associated Press (AP) )

Written by DHANA