Violence, Invasion, War, Terrorism… And Let There Be Democracy and Civilization

still : Howard Zinn, Historian and Social Activist

Howard Zinn. Social Activist and Historian

“….If those in charge of our society — politicians, corporate executives, and owners of press and television — can dominate our ideas, they will be secure in their power…”

~ Howard Zinn / Historian and Social Activist ~

In the age of modern warfare and terrorism, our morality and humanity have been harshly and brutally crushed to shreds. The merger of capital and power have been magnified and capitalized by state, corporate business, military and media to attain their political ends and to retain the status quo. Absolute control over natural resources, destruction for the production of human labors, exerting massive power and economic hegemony are the most colossal masterplan that underlies behind every wars.

The history of violence in this civilization has repeated itself over and over again. From the middle ages to 20th century, this world has been filled with a series of bloodshed that destruct armless and innocent people. It’s all being done in the name of good cause and for the sake of interest for ruling class. Now the problem is not how we should perceive it but how can we redeem it. Do we dare to question authority and the rulers? Are we brave to challenge the all-powerfull and the almighty?

Throughout decades, people have been persistently deceived by state power – under grand illusions glorified and enhanced by mass media – that all wars are aimed to preserve the virtous cause : defeat the evil power, defend the good forces and save the mankind. But, is that the actual motive that laying behind the policies of lauching war and invading another countries? A bunch of “intellectual” rationalisation keeps manipulating the minds of free-open societies and externalizing it’s sinister and gruesome plan through blind patriotism of flag-waving.

As what Howard Zinn had remarked : “…If those people in power can dominate people’s ideas, they won’t need to establish police state because we will control ourselves…” Any monstrous failure with it’s horrific consequences can be surpressed under pretext of salvaging and spreading good cause – even when the establishment were wrong, noone would confront them- And if noone have a right to formulate their own ideas, it will jeopardize mankind and cilivized world.

But, we may still have some hopes and prospect to protect the continuation of our good lives : our moral institution and conscience. That’s it. The world’s history isn’t just about cruelty and savagery but also compassion, sacrifice, courage and kindness. No other place where we can find them but within ourselves.

Written by DHANA


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About Young Contrarian

I'm Dhana, a native indonesian who currently reside in holland. I always consider myself as a natural born 'rebel' and highly skeptical free-thinker. 9/11 attack is the most defining tribulation and turning point that had extremely affected and had completely altered my frame of mind. Nowadays after i re-shaped my thought and strengthened my stance, it leads up to a handful of highly critical propositions toward imperialistic and genocidal forces that has burned this world up! My other foremost indulgences and pleasures are cinema, politics, science and blues music! those are my biggest pleasure in life! i also have few secret that have been stifled for so long : learning baseball, making a good career as a film director, producer and independent entreprenuer, Plus.. studying spanish and french language! I wish i could have a mastery in those field someday ;) ~ Best Regard from Holland~

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