Post-Colonial Slavery : Is Cultural Hegemony Keeping The Weak and Poor in Bondage?

“….The challenge of modernity is to live without illusions and without becoming disillusioned….”

 ~ Antonio Gramsci / Marxist Philosopher and Political Theorist~

still : Antonio Gramsci, One of the most influential marxist thinker and opponent of "cultural hegemony"

still : Antonio Gramsci, One of the most influential marxist thinker and writer

How do we perceive industrialisation in the world? What have a revolution in industry cast on world’s society? Modernisation is one of the most prominent effect – probably the biggest – that any system can have contributed upon it’s people. In post-colonial world, many civilisation have been essentially modernised, which ranges from the advancement of information technology, urbanisation and the most important core : the spread of education. BUT, is that all? is that what basically a modernisation having done to a society? Gramsci, a very influential and brilliant philosopher, theorized a tenet- famously called “cultural hegemony” – which strongly censures and criticizes the political body of dominance, monopoly and subordination of a bourgeois class over proletariat in social structure or under present circumstance, in which one major country have an oblique but massive influence in cultural, social, economic and political sphere on a less-developing and more weak countries. The history of hegemonic power goes way back to the era of ancient greece but the existence are still present today. The industrial revolution has even reinforced the imperial power to wield their mighty domination in the poor countries to keep them in the bondage and subjection through financial debt, under pretext to advance free trade globalisation. The chain of dependency – especially those countries where the population have suffered in enormous economic crisis or famine – is unscrewed and remains one of the biggest challenge any poor country have to face up with. As in issue antonio gramsci tried to grasp : modernity should not become an “invitation” for a powerful hegemony to cloak it’s agenda and perpetuate their influence in their inferior colony. If it never cease to exist, then it would be a blatant indication for a catastrophic setback of human rights and another privilige that should not be deprived by anyone.

Written by DHANA


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I'm Dhana, a native indonesian who currently reside in holland. I always consider myself as a natural born 'rebel' and highly skeptical free-thinker. 9/11 attack is the most defining tribulation and turning point that had extremely affected and had completely altered my frame of mind. Nowadays after i re-shaped my thought and strengthened my stance, it leads up to a handful of highly critical propositions toward imperialistic and genocidal forces that has burned this world up! My other foremost indulgences and pleasures are cinema, politics, science and blues music! those are my biggest pleasure in life! i also have few secret that have been stifled for so long : learning baseball, making a good career as a film director, producer and independent entreprenuer, Plus.. studying spanish and french language! I wish i could have a mastery in those field someday ;) ~ Best Regard from Holland~

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