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Why Do We Need to Struggle More for Our Freedom?

“…the modern workers’ struggle is a part of history and a part of social progress. In the middle of it, we learn how we must fight…”

~ Rosa Luxemburg / Marxist Philosopher & Revolutionary Socialist ~

still : Rosa Luxemburg, Polish-German Marxist Theorist

still : Rosa Luxemburg, Polish-German Marxist Theorist and Prominent Leader of Left-Communism

In post-cold world, does the whole world become a far better place to live in? Does the world become more just and equitable? Would peace and justice automatically swoop in? Interestingly, that in fact is what most people always think or at least, assume. One major global power, which formerly was acknowledged as a repressive and totalitarian system, has been torn down. So, presumably the world would conform to more ‘favourable’ ideology that wins out the war, since what’ve appeared on the surface is an ideology that counter oppression and shelter free-thinking. BUT,unfortunately as soon as the hidden agenda emerged, the new face of evil would re-appear. As what Rosa Luxemburg elucidated nearly hundred years ago in her account of anti-imperialism : accumulation of capital is a major source and early stage to attain power and establish a regime as well as to wield in a mighty and autocratic control over population.In the modern era, as globalisation sweeps through the entire world, it inevitably enables the political objective for imposing undemocratic rules upon freedom to arise and it would become even more strongly unconstrained. So therefore, Luxemburg summed up a manifesto to struggle : we must resurrect the deepest consciousness of all workers, labours and the whole population to re-mobilize the movement and set off a new revolution.  The concept might be outdated, but the zeal for struggle is certainly not. Now we must take revolution to a whole new level and sets out a virtual war against the modern face of injustice and tyrannical mayhem. The spirit of struggle should be sparked again..because, it is a part of our history …we all always must to strive and fight.. for the sake of our own destiny.

Written by DHANA


Do We Really Have A Choice?

“…The economic dictatorship of the monopolies and the political dictatorship of the totalitarian state are the outgrowth of the same political objectives..”

~ Rudolf Rocker / Writer and Social Activist ~

still : Rudolf Rocker, a radical-anarchist writer and 20th century's most prominent figure of anarcho-syndicalism.

still : Rudolf Rocker, a radical-anarchist writer and 20th century’s most prominent figure of anarcho-syndicalism.

Freedom. We all may agree that is the pre-condition for the state of a good life. If we want to begin a credo for the most righteous and just method for all mankind, it all must be founded  on this tenet. Freedom. Once again, it’s essentially very abstract and relative philosophy. The question is : where can we find a true freedom? how can we bring a genuine freedom into being? what kind of freedom that would fit justly and equally into society? In this phrase alone, Rudolf Rocker – one of the founding-father for anarcho-syndicalism – excoriated the major forces on earth in establishing a systematic chaos under the cloak of freedom, although sometimes oppression can function without any pretext to safeguard freedom. Power system, no matter who control the lever, must always hinder the progress of freedom, socially and economically. No individual in this world, either they live under fear and threat from the powerful state or in the most open and free society, can determine the definition or grow the spirit for freedom -especially ultimate freedom-. Even when we think we have choice, virtually we just fall into a pitfall of fatalistic submission for cogs and machine.

Written by DHANA