Are We Blessed or Cursed for Being A Free Man?

“…Man is condemned to be free. Because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does..”

~ Jean-Paul Sartre / Philosopher & Social Critic ~

still : Jean-Paul Charles Aymard Sartre (Jean-Paul Sartre), one of the most influential philosopher in post-WW2's era

still : Jean-Paul Charles Aymard Sartre (Jean-Paul Sartre), one of the most influential philosopher in post-WW2’s era

All men are born free. All men are deserved to be free and to have freedom. Essentially, in the concept of “free world”, that is practiced widely in many system and countries, are based on the liberty of all individuals. No open and democratic society, whose freedom is not safeguard by the operating system. But then, there is another case. If we contemplate more deeply : how free we actually are? Are we really a free man in this world? How many we can achieve with our ‘freedom’? Sartre, who has been recognized with his supreme intelligence, created a argument for our freedom : if we do proud of our essence and nature as a free being, which by all means that we should be liberated from any fear and burden, but why –  no matter how open and free the system is – we never live in state of peace and serene? Hasn’t our constitution warranted the condition? Aren’t we all supposed to feel more safe and restful? Is it because of the problem lies in us and our fate or is it because of the oppressive power system functions, even within the democratic society and free world?

Written by DHANA


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About Young Contrarian

I'm Dhana, a native indonesian who currently reside in holland. I always consider myself as a natural born 'rebel' and highly skeptical free-thinker. 9/11 attack is the most defining tribulation and turning point that had extremely affected and had completely altered my frame of mind. Nowadays after i re-shaped my thought and strengthened my stance, it leads up to a handful of highly critical propositions toward imperialistic and genocidal forces that has burned this world up! My other foremost indulgences and pleasures are cinema, politics, science and blues music! those are my biggest pleasure in life! i also have few secret that have been stifled for so long : learning baseball, making a good career as a film director, producer and independent entreprenuer, Plus.. studying spanish and french language! I wish i could have a mastery in those field someday ;) ~ Best Regard from Holland~

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