February 15 2013 : An Asteroid Will Come (Pretty) Damn Near to Earth!

Cape Canaveral, Florida – Again, prepare yourself! Because, sometimes next week, there will be an asteroid passing by and this time, it will go past near to earth’s surface. As what NASA does report this week. Many scientist have agreed that the prediction of the imminent flyby of an asteroid will occur soon in this month.

But, noone must overly worry about this latest observation. Because, despite the size of asteroid itself that might be able to release an enormous explosion and wipe off a huge square of land – if  any ‘friction’ with earth’s surface happened -, many scientist have re-assured that there won’t be any ‘impactful’ effect on earth and so far, it would be grouped as a “harmless” encounter between asteroid and earth.

Still : Old photograph of the aftermath of tunguska blast in Siberia, Russian Empire ,1908. Widely known as "the atmospheric explosion" that have caused a large impact on earth

Still :  The aftermath of tunguska blast in Siberia, Russian Empire ,1908. Widely known as “the atmospheric explosion” that have largely impacted the earth


Many Scientist claim the upcoming barnstorm between an asteroid and earth will be the closest encounter with earth’s surface in history. It will pass through the orbital zone of communication satellites (which might cause a little intrusion in communication system on earth) And it if indeed impacted the earth, it could emit a massive power of explosion that is amounted with million megatons of TNT, as what already occured in Siberia back in 1908, when (estimately) tons of meteorites collided with each others in the atmosphere and rendered a forest in local area – in which the collision occurred few miles above ground – became destroyed and flattened.

The range between earth and asteroid that will pass by is approximately 17.100 miles and it was predicted to likely occur every 40 years. The ‘event’ will come to pass next friday afternoon (february 15 2013) over Indonesia and other countries, such as australia, asia and eastern europe can spot it through binocular or telescope although, due to it’s super-small size, will only appear as a small dot of light. Especially under naked eyes, it will be invisible.

The bulk of solar system for asteroid is estimated to be located in the orbits between jupiter and mars and remains stable for billion years, although occasionally it comes out and take on a route around the earth

still : a meteor was passing by and spotted on the midnight time in august 12 2012

still : a meteor was passing by and spotted during the midnight time in august 12 2012


Another recent study reports that the extinction of dinosaurs might have occurred much faster than what scientist had thought before. In contrast with the early research that claimed they died 300.000 years after the giant asteroid was striking the earth, apparently based on recent observation in high-precision radiometric dating techniques, the claim was incorrect. Because it shows that dinosaurs’s extinction might have occurred only within 33.000 years in the wake of the big asteroid’s wallop on earth’s surface

The estimation about dinosaurus’s extinction around 60 million years ago have been theorized and officially proposed in the early 80′ by scientist , in which it was linked with asteroid impact that tore down the entire existence.The location is estimated to be in what is now called mexico’s yucatan peninsula. The time between asteroid’s arrival with the demise of dinosaurs was thought to be at least 300.000 years (seen by the mark that was ‘carved’ 110 mile-wide crater near chicxulub in mexico.

But, basically, as far as they concern, “Noone has raised a red flag, nor will they. And i certainly don’t anticipate any problem whatsoever” said Donald Yeomans, Manager of NASA’s Nearth-Earth Object Program.

So, again, so far we still can have a sigh of relief!

(newssource : Associated Press (AP) / National Geographic )

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