USA’s Gun-Control Debate : Conspiracy Nuts have turned up to butt in!

NEWTON,CONNECTICUT – Over a month after the shooting tragedy at an elementary school in the village of Sandy Hook in Newton, Connecticut, in which claimed the lives of 27 people and injured 2 persons, has begun to spark controversy. A bunch of people, who dubbed themselves as “Sandy Hook Truthers”, harassed Gene Rosen, a retired psychologist and a good samaritan,who attracted national attention due to his heroic action during the shooting rampage.

What is the cause? In the past a couple weeks, a conspiracy theory have started to spring up in many internet social media. The theory claims that the whole incident was masterfully staged by the most possibly suspected masterminds : the media and the government, particularly Obama administration, who secretly cooperate to orchestrate the shooting. According to them, the whole incident is the government’s attempt to contort and finally alter the public’s opinion, with the aim of carrying out agenda on tightening the law for gun control (or according to NRA’s most oft-repeated phrase : Obama’s plan to attack second amendment)

still : mourners look at the names of shooting victims on the U.S flag at sidewalk memorial

still : mourners look at the names of shooting victims on the U.S flag at sidewalk memorial in newton, connecticut


Gene Rosen, the man whose action were highly praised by media, government and americans due to his braveness by harboring six terrified people when the spree killing took place, have been harassed in the past couple weeks by Sandy Hook “truthers”, a group of conspiracy theories who ‘peddle’ around a fringe theory about an alleged conspiracy plot, involving media and the government, behind Sandy Hook shooting incident.

This far, the “truthers” have posted Rosen’s personal information online, created fake social media accounts using his name and disturbed him via e-mail and phone.

“There must be some way to morally shame these people”, Gene said. Later he told that there were 20 dead children lying all night long accross his house and he sat there with his wife, because noone could take the bodies out that night (from medical examiner)

Now, many websites questioning whether the incident was true or hoax, have arisen off this chaotic situation. is one of the most viewed website on this topic. Youtube linked-SandyHookHoax video shows Rosen speaking into a camera about his ordeal, which in the titles alleges that the crudely edited clips are an “audition” tape. The video has been accessed over 25.000 times.

In another clip, “the only thing consistent about this clown’s act, is all the fake crying,” as the video’s About section reads. The video claims that Rosen is a Screen Actors Guild thespian.

still : state polices and shooters at the scene of mass shooting at sandy hook elementary school last december

still : state polices and shooters at the scene of mass shooting at sandy hook elementary school last december


Plenty of analyst try to define what actually motivated the birth of this movement. They all come to few suppositions :

1. The worst effect of  a tragic incident which has a enormous social impact that renders a political watershed and leads up to a national stand-off between two conflicting sides with each contrasting opinion.

2.  Inside the mind of conspiracy theorist are even more disturbing and “menacing” than the alleged conspiracy they’ve accused of. What keep running through their head is : to incline believing complex mysteries over simple truth and find a mystery where none of them exist. Crap much?

For example, the “holes” in the official story that they’ve often searched for, could mainly be just a result of our sense that goes through thought-process and leads to the situation of “eye of the beholder” or condition which is observed by certain perspective and always give different outcome, depending on the individual’s judgement.

Analyst conclude that the theories may be a way to deflect blame from guns to imaginary culprits.

Well, no matter what is the truth or the falsehood behind it, noone should take any accusation(especially if it based on a certain individual’s perspective) for granted. We only see what our eyes want to see!

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Written by DHANA


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