The stand-off between Israelis – Hamas strike another detriment and claim another civilians

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL-PALESTINIAN TERRITORY – More and more blood spilled in the holyland, the epicentre of middle-eastern conflict, in which two forces never cease to fire each other and cost not just “peace agreement” but also casualties from both side. This is the world where two nemesis live “side by side” : Israelis – Hamas.

By nature, the whole stand-off and armed conflict are perpetuated by the blame game which both parties have always been playing, which frequently leads up to an increasing tension and dangerous situation. Foreign power’s intervention are only escalating violence instead of cutting it. In the end, the civilians who must pay the price.

still : aerial photo on gaza city being hit by IDF's airstrike

still : gaza city being hit by IDF’s airstrike under operation pillar of defense in november 2012

Operation Pillar of Defense

The last military campaign, which had been launched by Israel Defense Force (IDF) lasted from november 14 – 21 2012 prior to the election recently being held in israel, has marked another ‘boiling-point’ in the continuous bloody battle between IDF-Hamas. The Operation Pillar of Defense (or Operation Pillar of Cloud in israeli media) was claimed by IDF officials and Israeli governments as a successful operation : having knocked down many Hamas’s sites, which are used by Hamas militants to “treasure” artillery and launched rockets into southern israel, the most scathed territory, and also most importantly killed Ahmed Jabari the second commander of Hamas’s military wing in Gaza.

The military operation, just like other campaigns had been launched by IDF, have always polarized international community. Western countries (Germany, Canada,USA,etc) as Israel’s allies support Israel’s right to defend their country and conversely, Arab League resent and condemn Israel’s military tactics on account of massive number for destruction on public infrastructure and  views it as war crime against humanity, yet an extension for long-standing occupation and current blockade in Gaza Strip.

still : aerial photo of Israel's airstrike in Gaza last november.

still : photo of Israel’s airstrike in Gaza last november.

Hamas fires away everyday to Southern Israel

One of the main reason behind Israel’s series of military campaign, which have been launched periodically, is caused by Hamas’s provocation who keeps firing their rockets into southern israel everyday! The missiles launched by Hamas, clearly targets israeli civilians and evidently intended to stir up a further provocation. Beside the loss of many lives and material damages, it oftentimes can effectively incite Israelis to respond.

Since the start of operation, estimately there had been around 1500 rockets fired  by Hamas to southern israel before the operation was halted in november 21 last year. The number raised as the tension was increased. Hamas, in their defense, stated that  blocked of the Gaza Strip and Israeli occupation in West Bank as the main cause for their rocket attacks.

still : bus bombing in tel aviv in the last day for operation pillar of defense.

still : bus bombing in tel aviv in the last day for operation pillar of defense.

Israeli Legislative Election 2013

On january 22 2013, election for Knesset was held. The vote result shows that Likud Party is taking majority of the seats and it’s chairman, who is also current israel’s prime minister, Benyamin Netanyahu, have won re-election.

But according to israeli senior politician, isrealis expect newly elected administration, widely known as a right-wing leader who is aligned with hard-liners in the parliament and marked with hawkish foreign policy, to shift their policy by addressing more on “bread-and-butter” issues, such as housing, price and taxes which are what israelis have worried about mostly, rather than Iran’s nuclear program or ongoing conflict with Palestinians.

Israelis voters has “forced” Netanyahu to seek centrist as a new ally and form a new coalition to carry out israelis expectancy. The lost of 11 seats , which Likud had won in 2009, has indicated that many israelis are not satisfied with government’s policy and more worry about their daily life rather than building new settlements.

still : victim from Hamas's rocket attack on Israel

still : victim from Hamas’s rocket attack on Israel

Palestinians, on the other hand, although still expressed “no hope for a better future” but some of them always have a real concern and grow a real expectancy over a “peaceful prospect” through another negotiations, talks and agreement. The problem now lies in Israeli leaders and their government who still unwilling to recognise their military expansion and the status of massive deployment in palestinian land as an occupation. Hamas and other islamic extremist constantly excuse their brutal tactics and vile terror toward both israeli and palestinian civilians, as merely a respond for Israeli military provocation.

Now the whole world is watching over the progress (yet the regress)that comes from the so-called “holyland” (we may re-dub it as a ‘bloody land’ since i think that is what religion all about) and it’s endless conflict. Because, no other nation can save both israelis and palestinians, who suffer at the hands of radical religious nutjobs, beside Israel with it’s policy and yet commitment  to implement “road map to peace” agreement, which have been proposed a couple times by pertinent parties.

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