Predicting the Future : “A Badly Thrown Football” will come near to the earth, according to scientist.

still : image of toutatis asteroid being taken last year by NASA's Goldstone Solar System Radar

still : image of toutatis asteroid being taken last year by NASA’s Goldstone Solar System Radar

Mankind may have “survived” from the prophecy of the end of days which supposedly had occured during new millenium’s celebration 13 years ago or from the Mayan Apocalypse last december in 2012, but the motion of our solar system neither actually cease to rotate or run out of any threat-producing activity that might always endanger our planet.

On december 2012, Scientist announced the latest update on the situation in outer space : NASA’s Deep Space Network have again captured a new image of asteroid toutais, which is constantly rotating, wobbling and on it’s way to be near around our solar system and approach our planet. For a little info, asteroid toutatis was sighted for the first time on February 10 1934, known as an object 1934 CT before it was lost for nearly few decades. Toutatis was spotted again on February 4 1989 by astronomer.

It was widely feared by most scientists and astronomers, due to it’s powerfull and impactfull destructive effect that would render mankind and the earth to endure an incredibly massive catastrophe, from climate change to even increasing the probability of extinction, if it ever slammed the earth.

still : artist's illustration of an asteroid striking the earth

still : artist’s illustration of an asteroid striking the earth


In the new radar images, asteroid appears to be approximately in the 3-mile-wide (5 kilometers) and revealed to be an elongated, irregularly shaped object with multiple ridges, researchers said. Strange bright glints may indicate surface boulders too.

The scientist said, while the asteroid don’t indicate to be able posing any further danger and serious threat toward the earth (at least not today) in no within more than three centuries later, but if it ever smashed the earth, asteroid will immediately crush everything that lived and grew inside of the earth.

Especially in the latest video record shows a giant asteroid 4179 Toutatis exhibits some “unnatural” characteristic : it spin faster that it used to be and the movement also travels much more faster than usual. The Minor Planet Center in Cambridge, Massachusets have listed Toutais, on the ground with final observation, as a potentially hazardous object . It means that anytime in the future this asteroid could pose a big risk of striking the earth’s surface.

Nevertheless, based on another observation with it’s recent flyby, researchers have reassured that the asteroid won’t pose any imminent danger or threat on earth. So, at least we can sigh of relief ..for today.


still : artist's illustration on the skeletal carcass of triceraptors after their extinction.

still : artist’s illustration on the skeletal carcass of triceraptors after their extinction.

Another conjecture, based on further research, shows that asteroid Toutais might be the huge object that slammed the earth around 66 million years ago and exterminate the last era of dinosaurs.

No further explanation on the details for the process of what the dinosaurus possibly went through before their extinction. But, one thing for sure, there will be a major tribulation triggered by the big collision between earth and asteroid that would inflict all the living beings, aggravated by the coldest temperature which will eventually kill us off.

The time might be still way far ahead of us and the prediction is simply just a mild warning (not an alert for a big danger) but, it should make us become more vigilant and careful ..very careful!

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