Potential Therapy to cure AIDS is found

QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA -A big breakthrough recently occurred in Queensland Institute of Medical Research, Australia, as the scientist give out announcement about their discovery in the development of  effective remedy for patients with AIDS/ HIV virus.

The medical research, led by associate professor Dr. David Harrich, have discovered a new therapy to potentially cure AIDS. They have successfully expanded their scope of research by developing a form of gene therapy which can skewed HIV virus to “turn on” it’s own body, killed the virus and eventually halted it’s self-replicating ability.

This is indeed a very good news for everybody, especially those people who are living with AIDS. As of today, cure or vaccine for AIDS is not yet found. There is only a medical treatment with anti-retroviral, which can slow down the process for developing the course of disease which by any means, can extend expectancy for having normal life. But, unfortunately, this treatment is very costly and may have a heavy side-effect.

So, the discovery is a clearly a step forward.

still : the photo of HIV virus under microscope

still : the photo of HIV virus under microscope

“Fighting Fire with Fire”

Furthermore, Professor David Harrich said “i consider that this is fighting fire with fire”.

Because, the procedure is to modify normal HIV protein by takes it off  HIV virus (which it needs to grow and spread out), then later transform it, so therefore instead of ‘escort’ the development, it puts an end to the replication of the HIV virus.

But, Professor David Harrich asserted, “that is not a cure for HIV”. Through this therapy, “the virus would stay latent, it wouldn’t wake up so it wouldn’t develop into AIDS. With a treatment like this, you (anyone) would maintain a healthy immune system”.

At least through this research, a further, viable observation can be done. And later in the future hopefully it can stem more progress, in order to develop much more intensive outcome that not just can shut down the growth of HIV virus into AIDS but importantly, it should be able to suspend and finally heal AIDS-infected patients.

Anyhow, so far, these medical advances could certainly present a condition that gives a way “(for HIV-positive people) to go on and lives happy and productive lives with a little intrusion as possible”

still : scanning image of AIDS virus attacking human cell

still : scanning image of AIDS virus attacking human cell

Stem Cell-Research Have Revolutionized The Progress for AIDS research 

Moreover, Professor David Harrich also explains more details on what is the purpose of ‘inventing’ this gene therapy, “my belief is that protecting immune cells from succumbing to the infection will result in a much better, functional immune system to combat opportunistic infections. That is the goal and what we need to test.”.

Briefly, the process for gene therapy involves adding a designed HIV agent to the “culture” of stem cell that renders it into AIDS resistant. The cell ,which have been mutated, is gonna be inserted back to our body. The newly designed cell is already armed with an ability to impede HIV’s virus from altering the structure of RNA’s patient.

In addition, He also claimed that stem-cell research have contributed and impacted significantly the study of virology. If stem-cell research have never been done in the first place, this progress would definitely have not been made by scientist today and even would severely restrain competence for scientist to effectively combat many type of diseases, including HIV. It is mainly caused by stem-cell’s ability to restore human immune system.

One of The Deadlist Epidemic Worldwide In History

AIDS pandemic have killed nearly 30 millions since the first time it was discovered in early 80’s. And as of 2010,  34 million people have contracted by HIV virus globally. Recent report from National Centre in HIV Social Research shows the increasing number of people  who are infected with AIDS up to 8% in 2011 and estimated around 30.000 people  have been diagnosed with HIV in Australia.

So, although it is indeed a good news, we all still should be watchful and careful!

(news source : huffingtonpost / australiantimes.com / abc.net.au)

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