Nothing Is More Heroic Than Words

“..We cannot help but see Socrates as the turning-point, the vortex of world history…”

Friedrich Nietzsche – German Philosopher

still : Friedrich Nietzsche, The German Philosopher and Poet

still : Friedrich Nietzsche, The German Philosopher and Poet

In  this  famous quotation, German philosopher and poet, Friedrich Nietzsche whose critics and intellegence have influenced many set of   ideologies and beliefs, admonished the mankind and their systematic minds who   overly obsessed with their nations, selfishly served their ego and later plunge them down into the circle of spiralling viciousness and cruelty, destruction and calamity. The state of good life is only reserved for those people who exalt the service of knowledge and ethical values as a foundation of morality (referring to Socrates , a highly influential philosopher and brilliant intellectual, who is slain on account of his free-thinking manner and rebellious mind against ruling authority)



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About Young Contrarian

I'm Dhana, a native indonesian who currently reside in holland. I always consider myself as a natural born 'rebel' and highly skeptical free-thinker. 9/11 attack is the most defining tribulation and turning point that had extremely affected and had completely altered my frame of mind. Nowadays after i re-shaped my thought and strengthened my stance, it leads up to a handful of highly critical propositions toward imperialistic and genocidal forces that has burned this world up! My other foremost indulgences and pleasures are cinema, politics, science and blues music! those are my biggest pleasure in life! i also have few secret that have been stifled for so long : learning baseball, making a good career as a film director, producer and independent entreprenuer, Plus.. studying spanish and french language! I wish i could have a mastery in those field someday ;) ~ Best Regard from Holland~

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