Conflict in The Korean Peninsula : some leftover sentiment from psyche-war in 20th century

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – Pyongyang threatened US (again) with their nuclear weapon as they plan to launch third nuclear test , which is believed to be able reaching US soil, in the near future.

After last rocket launch in december 2012, North Korean officials lauded it as a very successful test and ever since had started up to plan for third nuclear test, despite many countries’s disagreement toward their program.


The provocation arised in the midst of tension between North Korea with US and it’s closest ally in Korean Pennisula, Seoul , which have been escalated by North Korean second nuclear test in 2009.

As a respond to last rocket test in december 2012, U.N Security Council has passed down a decision to back up US-initiated resolution to sanction and censure North Korea. The test of launching rocket was viewed as a heavy breach for U.N rules.

It was also indicated, that North Korean next plan to launch third nuclear test, is provoked by U.N resolution ,since the announcement to do so ,came right after the sanction being resolved by UN is started to impose on North Korean weapon profileration.

still : video of North Korea's rocket launch in december 2012

still : video of North Korea’s rocket launch in december 2012


The political crisis and matter has always divided international community. But in this case, both allies, such as China and “avowed” enemies, such as South Korea and Japan, have  expressed their agreement to support new UN resolution in order to refrain North Korean’s ability to conduct another provocation that would only plunge the whole world into another crisis.

The whole incident has also prompted another “six-party talks”, consisted of Russia, Japan, China, USA and two Koreas, to find a resolution regarding north korean crisis. China strongly urges all the parties involved to “…remain calm and act and speak in a cautious and prudent way and not take any steps which may further worsen the situation ” ministry spokesman Hong Lei told reporters at a regular press briefing.

But this time China’s support over North Korea has decreased, seen from latest event in which China singles out North Korea to resume another talk, since North Korean’s new announcement on planning to launch another test, have given major challenge to Beijing. Also to make thing worse, is North Korean constant rejection over any consensus to shut down it’s nuclear program have been decided by another parties during the talks.

still : north korean soldier stands to guard state-sponsored military nuclear site

still : north korean soldier stands to guard state-sponsored military nuclear site


Despite the reality of North Korean social situation, which is clobbered by many problems especially on extreme poverty – caused by isolation -, their military officials developed nuclear weapon for the first time in 1956. The national crisis, lasted from 1994 – 1998, following the bankruptcy of communist system in Russia as North Korean’s leading ally during cold war, have damaged the country and cost many lives but never ceased North Korean’s supreme leader to carry on their nuclear weapon-advancing programs.

Controversy over North Korea’s weapon proliferation got heated up in 2009, when North Korean officials announced that it’s military technology have successfully developed highly advanced nuclear weapons. Pyongyang launched second nuclear weapon the same year and incited a harsh reaction among many nations, especially US, North Korea’s old foe.The CIA also affirmed that North Korea have an access to a substantial arsenal of chemical weapon.

In the midst of debate over their nuclear programs and sanction on their economy (as a penalty to have conducted a breach on UN law), North Korean will continue to enrich the nuclear substance and matter as a preparation to launch the third test in the near future.

Well, at the end, the fate of this world – which have been inflicted by the antagonism  between two different sides- is not just decided and directed by a single nation but the composite of many policies that can either appease or worsen the heated situation

(News sources : Reuters / Associated Press (AP) )

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