The Watershed Moment : Liveable “Alien-Planet” Will Be Discovered This Year

still : artist's illustration and photo for the possibility of kepler-22b appears from it's surface

still : artist’s illustration and photo for the possibility of kepler-22b appears from it’s surface

Big news has come! especially for those UFO nuts who thoroughly embrace the notion of having an alternative place to reside or simply just for people whose biggest pleasures are for science, because now Kepler’s team of researchers and their spacecraft just break another big news :  last year tons of astronomers had claimed that they spotted a so-called earth-sized “alien-planet” orbitting outside the solar system in the habitable zone, so by all means it indicates there is indeed another life outside our hemisphere.

Prior to this grand discovery, many astronomers have actually found thousands of extrasolar (exo) planets orbits around sun-like star (named Kepler-22) outside our inner-solar system since 1995. In the nutshell, extrasolar planets ,or simply just exo planets, are a group of planets rotating and orbitting outside our solar system. So far, NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope have flagged precisely 2.300 exoplanets in outer space.

But the recent discovery becomes a turning point since they have found an “earth-like planet” whose characters are pertaining of those planets that does have a qualification and capacity to sustain cycle of biological life, such as living organism on earth. The measure for the size, the orbitting line and it’s climate own a condition which is suitable for life or scientifically called habitable zone. Just for an info, habitable zone is a territory and atmosphere in the space zone which is considered to be able sustaining life and yet conducive for any form of organism to evolve (for instance, the trace for the source of H2O has been found to exist on the surface of the planet). One of the habitable zone which is founded and confirmed by scientist, is Gliese 581 star (the magnitude is around 20-light years away in the constellation Libra) Many thought of it initally just simply a star outside habitable zone but, eventually was revealed that it can be grouped as one of habitable zone in the space atmosphere.

So, in the beginning of 2013, we have already something we can look forward to (especially for me, a huge fan of science!). Although as of today Kepler team has not yet re-affirmed their expectation but one thing that should be confirmed immediately is our judgement as human, which is needed to be urgently evaluated on account of our standpoint that has been cemented in our conscious mind, is that we are the most superior and valuable being in the face of the universe. We better start to think twice…and again…and again..

(news source : yahoo!news / / ScienceDaily)

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